Michelle Manu

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                  Kako'o ho'ona'auao

                                    Enlightenment through education




     Weapons, practice and display, are available by special order. Weapons are sold individually or as a full set. Custom orders include the buyer's preferred wood and stain. 

     Weapons can be viewed and purchased here:  Hawaiian Weaponry and Kaizen Kobudo. A documentary video of a day of warrior weapon making in the Kaihewalu Lua Wood Shop.

"By 1974, the Bishop Museum declared, "...Hawaiian Lua a lost art."

     Lua is a hand-to-hand and ground combat system based on the knowledge of the human body using the movements of land, sea, and air animals. Created as a combat war art, warriors injured or killed an opponent using their bare hands and/or weaponry. The birth of Hula was about 1000 years after Lua, which concealed techniques within the dance.

     "Huna na mea huna" (keep secret what is sacred). Lua was exercised and taught to only Hawaiian royalty and to the Royal Hawaiian Military. Traditionally, only a selecct group of full-blooded royals were taught and ranked in Lua. The selected warriors practiced Lua in secret, under the cover of darkness. They were usually a chief or a royal bodyguard, who, during times of war, briefly trained the commoners and then lead them to battle.

     Lua incorporates numerous methods for combating an attacker, including hakihaki (bone breaking), hakoko (wrestling), ku'i ku'i (boxing), peku (kicking) and aalolo (nerve pressure) and is completed in a 3.5 foot circle. Lua is equated to bringing an opponent in straight down in a spiral motion into a small pit.

     The techniques included dislocating the joints, striking at nerve centers and hitting and kicking muscles in such a way to inflict paralysis; it included the use of wooden long and short bo, daggers, spears, clubs, slings, strangling ropes, shark teeth weapons and more.